The GS F will debut next week in Detroit, but we're as impatient as you are, so we made the most of our preview time with the GS F, and put together a photo gallery here.

There will be a time when a V8 doesn't improve a car. Thankfully, that time hasn't come.

The Lexus GS F, complete with the 5-liter, 467-hp V8 from its RC F stablemate, ought to provide ample evidence of that.

You're forgiven if your interest in Lexus is intermittent. Likewise, Lexus is forgiven for trying like hell to get your attention. An unmistakable front end and damned near perfect Japanese V8 riot sounds out of quad exhaust tips should do the trick.

Add all the best reasons to like the RC F, from the trick multi-mode torque-vectoring diff, to the upgraded suspension and monster brakes, and the GS F is ready to mix it up with fast company.

We've got a few more specs and details on the 2016 GS F in our article, but here's our takeaway: This thing? It's ballsy.

The GS F will do battle with every car on either side of its price and size point. Maybe the GS F will come out swinging and dominate some Germans.

Maybe it'll be a perfect catastrophe when the up-and-comers take its lunch money. For sure we won't know until we've shredded at least one set of the sportiest tires they've got, and we're dying to find out.