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13 things you didn't know about the $845k Porsche 918 Spyder

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You probably knew it was "holy-hell-crazy-pants-impossible fast," as Sam Smith puts it, reflecting on effortlessly chasing a pro driver in a '14 911 Turbo S. But did you know to fix the Porsche 918 Spyder, you have to break it in half?


Sam flew to Spain to try and take Porsche's latest supercar in, and it what he found was as impossibly fast as it was hard to explain. I mean, some of Porsche's engineers, absolutely brilliant guys with titles like Doktor der Ingenieurwissenschaften and completely fluent in English, couldn't even try to explain how parts of this car worked.

But it did work. Very, very well. As Sam puts it,

There was a Turbo S at the media drive. It was driven by Porsche test driver Timo Kluck, an affable dude with a driving resume a mile long. Each journalist got seven laps in the 918 playing chase to Kluck in the 911. And two laps in, almost all the journalists present had to lift to avoid running Kluck over.


You have to read both of Sam's takes on it, because if you thought the 918 Spyder was just a hybrid supercar, think again. Catch the first part here, and the second one here.

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