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This is today's "holy crap!" moment. Fresh spy shots of what R&T has confirmed to be Aston Martin's upcoming "bespoke production" super saloon. Unlike the coupe-profile Rapide, this thing is a legit and proper limo like the Lagonda.


When I told Kierstein that "Lagonda" spy pics came in, his immediate reaction was, "It better look like an origami shark f*cking a set of 20-inch wheels." It's not quite that radical-looking, but it's solid.

The initial set of shots we received came from our friends at KGP Photography (the ones here are R&T exclusive, via a different UK contributor), whose shooter ran the number plate and saw that it indicated the car was registered to Aston and had V12 power.


We went to Aston Martin with the info KGP gleaned from the number plate and here's what a company spokesperson told us, on the record:

"I can confirm that this is one of a bespoke series of coach built cars and as we've said before, much is possible through Q by Aston Martin –including bespoke offerings, just like CC100 - this is another example. We cannot say any more at this time."


Name-checking the CC100 leaves open the possibility that the sedan could be a one-off Lagonda concept, but we're inclined to believe that this thing is destined for a short, hyper-exclusive production run like the ONE-77. The Aston supercar, after all, is also considered a "bespoke production" car.

V12 power means this has nothing at all to do with Aston's new working relationship with Mercedes-Benz. No AMG engine here. We also learned that the car will debut either late this year or early next year, at which time, all questions will get answered.


All we have to say is this: name the damned thing Lagonda. And build more than one.

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