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Next month at the San Diego Comic-Con, Hot Wheels will unveil its new line of Star Wars-themed vehicles, the first of which, the Darth Vader car shown here, will be available for purchase at the show.


Hot Wheels teased the outer packaging on Twitter a little while ago:

Thing is, subscribers have Star Wars Insider #150 already.

That group includes my oldest friend, with whom I bonded over Star Wars as a kindergartener in the fall of '77. We both brought our Kenner action figs to the first day of school. I remember them being what would now be priceless 12-backs, but I digress. He sent me these images of the magazine spread.


What's in the box? This:


Show attendees will be able to by the Vader car on site. will have a limited number available after Comic-Con.

A running, street-legal, life-sized version of the Vader car will be displayed at the Hot Wheels stand, along with the line of new Star Wars die-casts themselves. They'll include character-inspired specials like the Vader car (Hot Wheels already has a similar line of Muppets cars on store shelves now), regular cars sporting Hot Wheels decos, and a line of actual Star Wars movie vehicles.


I'm going to spend so much money on this shit...

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