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Illustration for article titled Jack Baruth to Miata haters: your argument is invalid because ND

It's the tiny elephant in the room: the legitimacy of the Maza Miata's man card. Is it forged, or authentic? Are roadsters still manly? Does anybody really care after driving one? Moot points, says Jack. The new Miata is fit for a man, and you're wrong if you disagree.


I tend to agree with him, but as you've probably gathered, with a lovably scruffy old Miata of our own to beat on and take places and fix and track, none of us can claim to be unbiased. The damn things get under your skin. There's only one real dissenter in our small band of scriveners, and that's Sam Smith, who's excused because he has plenty of other rad things that validate his existence.

Still, the Miata mafioso are legion in the ranks of auto writers, and some folks don't get it. Baruth thinks the ND might be the exception that proves the rule we've been harping on for ages. And if you don't understand, well, quite clearly you're just wrong.

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