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First Drive: Was The 2017 Acura NSX Worth The Wait?

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The Acura NSX has what felt like the longest gestation period in automotive history. And while it hasn’t really taken any longer to get a new NSX from concept to production than the Porsche 918 took, the amount of anticipation for the NSX made it feel like forever. Now we’ve finally driven it. Was it worth waiting for?


Last week a few lucky people, including our Zach Bowman, were invited out to Sonoma Raceway to give the NSX a try on Californian backroads and on the track itself. With 573 horsepower from its hybrid-aided V6, the NSX promises to be a hybrid supercar for a price that isn’t near $1 million. It’s more Porsche 911-fighter than McLaren 650S.

Is it cool? Yes. Is it better than a 911 Turbo? No. Here’s our full rundown of Acura’s vision of the future of the exotic sports car.

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