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6 design secrets that make the Lamborghini Asterion so gorgeous

Up a narrow flight of stairs from the Paris show floor sat Lamborghini's VIP greeting area. It was a little slice of a Lamborghini dealership—espresso machines and sparkling water and the blingiest, brightest green floor model they could find, all stilted up in the hot humid air of Pavilion 4. That's where we met Filippo Perini.

He arrived smiling and sharpening a pencil, a handsome little lead holder, grey and almost soviet in its simplicity. Then Perini sat down and tucked into the prettiest thing Lamborghini has designed in years.


The Asterion is a pronounced change from several generations of Lamborghini design language and engineering. We've already covered the technical concept. Spectacular as the nearly 900-hp, AWD hybrid is, the styling departure overseen by Perini is even more dramatic.

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