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A homecoming of sorts for our Corvette in Ferguson

As protests and controversy roiled in Ferguson, Missouri, Max Prince watched from afar. Finally, he had to see it for himself. After 520 miles in one giant overnight leap, R&T's long-term Corvette Z51 reached North St. Louis County.


While the plate on the dash said "Built in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA," this Stingray's ancestors came from Missouri. Max and the Corvette were returning to a home, of sorts, to see if they could find meaning from the chaos in Missouri.

You see, from 1954 to 1981, Corvettes were born about 5 miles away from the market that Michael Brown's shooting occurred. And the closing of the St. Louis Assembly Plant changed Ferguson and its surrounding communities, which hemorrhaged manufacturing jobs.

Losing the Corvette changed St. Louis, and it changed Ferguson. And it'll change the way you think about what's going on in the news.

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