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Automotive flaws, we've had a few. What are yours?

Our Executive Editor, Sam Smith, is a boundlessly talented writer and driver. I can say this because that's my bias in favor of the guy, and I'm perfectly comfortable admitting it. His own biases? Numerous, just like all of our own.


And he's airing his dirty laundry for all to see. For instance, there's his mostly-irrational blind hatred of school buses. Or that he's over the old Miata—blasphemy, right?

We think you should do the same.

I'll start. I hate floating touch screens, a la BMW. The sure-to-break screen-hiding mechanism in most Audis is a godsend. I'm no luddite, but at night, spare me the Times Square lights blaring and blinking in my dilated pupils and let me focus on what's ahead of me.

Someone bring back Saab's brilliant Night Panel idea, but pair it with night vision-friendly red gauge lighting, like BMWs of yore. If I can't dim it to nearly nothing, I don't want it. Fans of bling-tacular, seizure-inducing dashboards should know I'm your fiercest nemesis.

What's your automotive bias that, try as you might, you just can't quite let go of?

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