Both of these cars are BMW M3s. One is descended from the other, but other than that, it's all differences. Naturally-aspirated four versus twin-turbo six. Street tires versus wildly-cambered race rubber. A warranty, and an S14 engine that burns money and fuel in equal proportions. One won races for years, the other is brand new. So we put them both on the racetrack with a veteran pro (Brian Till) at the wheel, and checked the stopwatches.

And then we gawked and slapped the side of the stopwatch a few times. Remember, the 2015 M3 here is bone-stock. It's on street tires, it has a warranty, it was oozing new car smell like an old Lada oozes oil. The BMW PR guys on hand looked a little shocked.

We hoped this test would be close, but no one thought it would come down to tenths.