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"Cards in the Snow," by Peter Egan

Illustration for article titled Cards in the Snow, by Peter Egan

“I’ve often thought that if cars had just been invented yesterday, and the inventor proposed that they should travel at 55-65 mph in opposite direc­tions on 24-foot-wide roads [...] we would judge that in­ventor insane.” Thus wrote Peter Egan, in a somber 1998 column you simply must read.


Peter Egan, the motor journalist, vintage sports car lover, motorcycle freak, and accomplished racer, loves twisty back-country two-lanes. But the kind of roads we enthusiasts seek out were designed when humans traveled at speeds an order of magnitude slower than today’s speed limits.

It’s something we rarely think about. But Egan’s musings, as always, are haunting and spot-on. Read the full column over at Road & Track.

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