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Here's our 51 reasons we love cars. Now tell us yours.

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There's no end to our love for cars, any more than there's an end to roads, or speed, or the joy of driving. But 51 reasons seems like a decent start.


The rolling wallop of Can-Am cars in Turn Five at Road America, clobbering you in the chest so hard you momentarily forget to breathe.

The chemical bite of tire smoke.

The mind-melting shriek of a modern F1 car.

The lean pops of a Weber carburetor as it spits back through open throats.

The mineral tang of hot brakes.

The heavy clunk of a Hurst shifter in a Sixties Camaro.

The caustic, dangerous, and physical impact of nitromethane exhaust.

The mustiness of tired wiring.

The cloying bitterness of a worn engine.

The groan of old English leather.

We love cars.

51 reasons is a good start, but it's not enough. There are always more.

So, what are your reasons?

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