The scene is Weissach, Porscheā€™s legendary and also intimidating proving ground. Thereā€™s a 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and inside is Chris Harrisā€”a man who hates flappy paddles and has just two hours to distill the essence of Porscheā€™s most evolved 911. Itā€™s is a brutally fast machine, considering it is a hold-out against any manner of forced induction. Thereā€™s 493 hp straining behind the rear axle, and itā€™ll wind out to 8800 RPM.

Thatā€™s a bit less than its 3.8-liter predecessor, the GT3. Remember those? Porsche ate a lot of crow for those pyrotechnics. This is one of those donā€™t get mad, get even kind of cars. Germans love to build them.

And Chris Harris, prejudices duly noted and eyes wide open to the 911 GT3 RSā€™s tricks and limitations, bloody loves the thing.

Youā€™ll have to read his whole review of the 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS to understand the whole rationale. Trust me, he doesnā€™t drink the PDK Kool-Aid at all and still ends up providing a massively glowing endorsement of Porscheā€™s Weissach wĆ¼nderkind. Understanding how he gets to that conclusion, though, is the truly interesting part.