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Dario Franchitti on Jim Clark's 1965 Indy 500-winning Lotus 38 Ford

In 2010, 45 years after Jim Clark drove his Lotus 38 Ford to a dominant win at the 1965 Indy 500, Dario Franchitti got to live out a dream by strapping in and driving his hero's car himself. Dario had just come off a season in which he scored both his second Indy 500 win and the IndyCar title.

An avowed student of motorsport history, Dario had a period-correct racing suit made for the occasion, and he brought along Jimmy's actual Indy 500 signboard from his own personal memorabilia collection.


He wrote about the experience for the January 2011 issue of R&T. The video above was produced to accompany that article. After you watch it, give Dario's full piece a read. For him, it's personal, and it speaks to why we all love motorsports so much.

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