That is Alex Kierstein, R&T web editor, and until recently, supercar virgin. Kierstein is not averse to supercars, mind you. He simply drives more differently awesome things on a daily basis, like Oskar...

...and the Prime Mover:

But eventually, as a R&T employee, Kierstein was bound to "lose it," so to speak. And lose it he did, in grandiose fashion:


Per Kierstein:

I've spent my entire life NOT driving supercars. Until now.

I walked up to the Ferrari F12berlinetta just inside the factory gates at Maranello, and was petrified. The car I stood before was more powerful than any that had ever come out of the facility. And its key was in my hand.

I was at least going to spin it, probably bash it too.

If I was lucky, it wouldn't catch fire. Because that's what happens to supercar neophytes, right?

Their potential seduces you beyond your natural limits, and then you snap out of a stupor at 120 mph, sideways, deciding which religion to suddenly adopt. And double that for the bright orange Lamborghini Aventador.

I would drive it later, if I survived.

Spoiler Alert: He survived, and Kierstein being Kierstein, he summarizes it all up thoughtfully.


But don't take my word for it. Just read his.