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Ghosn to VW: "COME AT ME, BRO!"

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Auto shows are largely bereft of surprises. Sure, every now and then you get a Z/28, but usually, it's all a bunch of carefully choreographed PR that everyone saw aready via "leaks", advance releases, and the like. So it's fun when execs spice up the proceedings by trash-talking each other.


At Frankfurt, Volkswagen made a big show of touting its new electrified offerings, and boasted that it'd be #1 in electric cars by 2018. To which Carlos Ghosn called BS.

“I have been told that we have some competition to become the largest maker of electric cars in the world,” Mr. Ghosn said. “I have been told this competition is going to come from a company that last year said electric power was only good for golf carts.

“By 2018, this rival suggests it will be the biggest. I applaud that but I will challenge it because we are already the leader and are showing leadership.

“They want to be number one? We are number one and we will stay there.”

More on the the Renault-Nissan chief's smackdown of Volkswagen over at R&T.

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