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Bob Lutz is part of the all-new Road & Track magazine, and his contribution is Go Lutz Yourself, wherein he fields reader questions and dispenses advice as only he can.


You know Bob's been The Man at different car companies, so your problems? Cake.

For instance:

Dear Bob,

I've been looking at affordable used sports cars—Solstices, Miatas, things like that—but my wife isn't sold on the idea. She says it's not something we really need. Maybe it's not, but I don't think "need" should be the reason for everything. Do you have any negotiating tips? Sell her on its usefulness, try to make her see that "practical" isn't everything, or tell her we'll also get something else for the house (or whatever)if I can have the car?

DAVID HARRIMAN, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

You're right! "Need" is almost zero reason to buy anything. Lust, joy, pride of ownership, "I have one, and you don't!"—those are what count. Surely she buys things she doesn't "need"—stiletto heels, designer jeans, spa visits. Offer to get her a snazzy skintight jumpsuit to wear on those open-air drives. Stay away from new vacuum cleaners or dishwashers. They don't appreciate them.


For more Bob Lutz wisdom, head over to Road & Track, where we have the full column posted.

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