We're a mere two weeks away from the official unveil of the new Mustang on December 5th. The outgoing car brought us the rebirth of retro back when it launched in 2004, and these sketches show some of crazy designs that didn't make the cut.

After Ford went and nearly killed the Mustang all together by trying to build it on a front-wheel drive platform, the Fox-body platform was resurrected and refreshed to allow the rear-wheel car to live on. But by 1999, Ford's pony car was sitting on a 20-year old platform and long overdue for a fresh start.

For the first time since its 1964 debut, the Mustang would have a completely unique platform not shared with any other car in the Ford lineup. The longer wheelbase gave the J Mays-led design team more room to stretch the car and integrate more dramatic elements.

Some of the concepts were mean, sharp sleds of a car - and pretty badass looking at that.


Others attempted a new take on the iconic tri-bar taillights - this one on a tall sloping rear end with a super-short deck lid.


They even tried to integrate a side blade. Cover up the body of the car with your hand and this design looks dead-on Audi R8.

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