The 288 GTO was Ferrariā€™s first turbocharged supercar. Itā€™s a car that led to the development of the fabled Ferrari F40. And now turbocharging has made its way back to a mid-engined Ferrari with the 488 GTB. How does it compare to its ancestor? We found out.

Now, before you all jump on us, yes, there was a turbo variant of the 208 that briefly existed, but that isnā€™t nearly as super as the 288. The 488 follows directly in that cars footsteps, but it has a few differences, like no manual gearbox, no lag, and a mountain of torque.

Do those things add up to a great Ferrari? Or a car thatā€™s better than a 288 GTO? Hereā€™s what we thought.