Icon 4x4 builds Frankenstein vehicles—off-road trucks that meld modern mechanicals with vintage bodywork to create jaw-dropping machines. As founder Jonathan Ward showed off two of his creations to us, it became clear: These aren’t just hot-rods; they’re architecture, fashion, and industrial design rolled into vehicular form.

Jonathan Ward brought two examples of his work to meet with Road & Track in Brooklyn. One truck started life as a 1970s Toyota, the other was once an early-1990s Land Rover (shown above). But as Ward pointed out detail after subtle, painstaking detail, I realized these machines have transcended their original identity. They’re no longer a Toyota and a Land Rover—they’re Icons, refined, tweaked, and redesigned to be the purest, most idealized version of themselves.

After poring over every detail with Jonathan, and taking a far-too-short ride around Red Hook, I can’t be objective about his products. They’re just that good. And if you read my photo-essay and interview with Jonathan over at Road & Track, maybe you’ll feel that way too.

Robert Sorokanich is the Online News Editor for Road & Track Magazine. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.