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April 1984: Canadian adventure driver Garry Sowerby is moments from leaving his wife a widow and his newborn daughter, Lucy, fatherless. He’s lying prone behind the front seats of a heavily modified GMC 2500 Suburban as Kenyan bandits pummel the truck with bullets.

Pop! Plunk. Pop! Plunk. Pop!

Sowerby’s own security detail blindly returns fire with their AK-47 assault rifles. Romping the 6.2-liter Detroit Diesel V8, co-driver Ken Langley speeds them away from the skirmish. Everybody in the truck is shouting as the GMC bottoms out at 70 mph over the wrinkled African terrain. "Go, go, go!"


Sowerby was still 9000 miles from his finish line at the Arctic Circle. He couldn’t fail—he was already $100,000 in debt from his record-setting drive around the world four years prior.

Would Sowerby make it out alive? Set a record? Get out of debt? Max Prince relates the improbable but entirely true tale of Garry Sowerby at Road & Track.

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