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The Toyota Prius is America's national synonym for "fuel economy" and, unfortunately, the apparent state bird of the People's Republic of Terrible Driving Skills. That said, the optimized gas-electric egg does its thing exceedingly well. So we decided to challenge it with something bigger, faster and unapologetically plusher: the Mercedes-Benz E250 Bluetec.

"We," in this case, is R&T senior editor Jason Cammisa, who grabbed a loaded Prius and a rear-drive diesel Benz and ran them on this test loop:


Jay, who takes this stuff deadly serious, breaks down the whole fuel-sipping adventure in detail here. (There's also a shorter, capsule version in the March/April issue of the mag, if you want to cut directly to the chase.)

The bottom line? Yes, the Prius is a badass when it comes to the prime directive of using as little gas as possible.

But it's got company that won't make you sacrifice the things you like about driving.

Read the whole thing.

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