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I crashed America's best-selling car

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Well, not me. Zach did. And then he wrote about it. The guy knows how to leave a mark during his first week on the job. And that's by smashing a Camry.

As is often the case with calamities, I saw the whole disaster play out in my mind the instant the other driver began moving for the intersection. The 2000 Chevrolet Blazer was merrily rolling into our path of travel, its driver’s head turned to focus on the steady stream of traffic coming in the other direction. I was already standing on the brakes and the horn in a vain attempt to make them produce a physics-bending performance. Neither was interested in obliging. We were yards from impact.

Yes, we were scrubbing speed all right, and yes, the other driver was now looking right at our 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid as I did my best to keep it from punting the old Chevy into the next millennium. It was no use. The Blazer was still rolling in front of us. For half a second, I thought there was a chance I really could stop in time. That’s optimism for you. The impact was harder than I expected. That’s reality. The two big old buckets of momentum splashing into each other made for a splendid hit. A spray of chrome and plastic caught the early evening sun, as bits and pieces pranced through the atmosphere to the nauseating chorus of metal-on-metal pop. It sounded a little like Abba.


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