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In defense of emotional design

This week on Jalopnik, Aaron Foley ran a rant on 'emotional design' aptly titled, "Hey Designers, What the Fuck Does 'Emotional' Mean?"


What does 'emotional' mean? How about the fact that it's the sole reason that design exists as a career in the first place? How about the fact that without it, we'd be stuck with roads overflowing with precision-engineered piles of boring?

We wouldn't have anything worthy of idolization on a poster on a kid's wall. We never would have enjoyed years of ranting about how Pontiac turned what could have been really cool and innovative into the vomit-inducing man-bear-pig that is the Aztec.

So, what does 'emotional' really mean? Well, Jalops - we've got your answer right here.

Image courtesy Toyota.

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