In Maine, it's illegal for non-police to drive cars fitted with police lights and sirens, lest the public become confused. Evidently, this extends to '78 Dodge Monacos dressed up as Hazzard County's finest.

A Bradley, Maine resident found himself pulled over by a state trooper for driving this excellent replica of Rosco P. Coltrane's Hazzard County Sheriff's cruiser. The owner takes his Dukes of Hazzard cars seriously: there was a stuffed dog in the back seat to represent Flash, and he also owns a General Lee replica.

He told the Bangor Daily News that he generally takes the Monaco out for car shows and parades, and that everyone knows it's not a real police car.

He got let off with a warning, and now we know that the Maine State Police is all over the scourge of 1970s TV cop-car replicas. Residents, you can breathe easier now.

Via BangShift.