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Illustration for article titled Is The Corvette Z06s Sacrifice Of Track Focus For Outright Speed A Bad Thing?

The brand new Corvette Z06 is really damn fast. But that speed means that this car is more of a ZR1 than a true, track focused Z06. Is that a bad thing? Jack Baruth investigates.

The Z06 package C5 and C6 Corvettes were always known as the hardcore track rats of the lineup. They’d be faster than most everything at the track and would run all day without issue. But the new Z06 is super high strung and runs at some insane temperatures. It’s also better on the street than any Z06 before it. But that begs the question if it’s really a Z06.


Our Jack Baruth just drove one as part of our Performance Car of the Year testing. He has many thoughts. Here they are.

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