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The way Road & Track contributor Jack Baruth sees it, the reason we have lapping day events in the first place was a reaction to the stuffy old SCCA’s too-strict adherence to rulebooks. It put a damper on the fun. Folks stopped coming. That was bad for those of us who want to take our BMW clownshoes (or duck-heads, if you prefer) or the ilk out on the relative safety of a track, relatively cheaply. Hence, the modern track day.


Which is about to change. Thanks to the stuffy, clubby, SCCA, actually. Baruth went to a SCCA Track Night in America event at Corvette Motorsports Park, taking along himself (an experienced track-day shoe), a Corvette, a Fiesta ST, and a few un- and semi-experienced fellow drivers, to get the full spectrum of the experience.

The TL;DR? Track Night is cheap, there are few hoops to jump through before getting on track, and the SCCA crew there were absolutely fantastic. More importantly, there are no instructors—a strange situation for a guy well-versed in coaching from the right seat.

Get a full debriefing about how the Track Night experience might change how track-day events are run over at Road & Track.

Photos courtesy of the SCCA.

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