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Mike Ryan has crashed his Freightliner at Pikes Peak

Autoblog reports that Mike Ryan and his crowd-pleasing Freightliner semi crashed today during a Pikes Peak practice session. The truck left the course and took a tumble estimated to have been between 50 and 75 feet. Ryan is okay. Autoblog has a bunch of new photos:


Here's how the truck looked while it was hiding in the woods.

Ryan is okay. Autoblog has a mess of photos.

In fact, Ryan himself called in to inform race officials that he was unharmed. He didn't even require a trip to the hospital. What's unknown at the moment is whether his truck will be ready to compete this weekend.


In addition to cutting an imposing profile on its annual run up Pikes Peak, Mike Ryan's Freightliner stars in the relentlessly entertaining "Size Matters" gymkhana videos:

We're glad Mike's okay, and hope that his crew can get the truck race-ready in time for the 92nd running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this Sunday.


Photos: Jamey Price for R&T

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