If you read about Ed Bolian's record setting-run and thought it was glorious, Jack Baruth wants you to think again: "For twenty-eight hours they endangered women, children, truck drivers, and various roadside animal life in a rolling bomb that probably smelled like an unmaintained gas-station bathroom."

42 years ago, Brock Yates and Dan Gurney created a record-run concept wrapped in such excess, glitz, and oversized personalities that it's sometimes hard to remember what it was all about. The time was secondary. The flagrant, exuberant stunt itself gave life to a legend. Now, according to Jack Baruth, "the glamor is long gone. The risk, the danger, the sexiness; it’s all disappeared, replaced by a bland corporate dedication to middle-class entertainment."

Have we replaced brash, magnificent fun with ... bedpans?

You don't have to agree with Baruth, but if you care at all about Ed Bolian's record-setting run, you should give it a read and decide for yourself.