We all love finely made tools. Dad's old socket set. A nice crescent wrench pilfered from the tool kit of a long-forgotten motorcycle. These are not those tools. These are the knock-around and throwaway kinda tools you need to have close at hand when you just want a project finished, and you might not have known it, but you need em.

Importantly, they're cheap.

A few examples:



Take your pick, a rubber mallet for beating things into submission, or a single-piece dead blow for making sure they stay that way. Pick one up at your local tool barn for about $4 or $10 respectively.



99.9% of the time, you will not need one of these. When that .1% rears its ugly head, plan on spending around 9 bucks.



Drop things? This is for the times when your lucky bounces are longer than your arms. Find a little extra reach for about $2.



When the mess you've made overwhelms the want to see your tools again, you're probably already using one of these. At around $3, it's worth having a cheapie you can toss out with the fiberglass and resin you've attached it to.

PRY BAR (3-ft)


Do you like your giant screwdrivers to stay screwdriver shaped? With a proper pry bar you can move whatever you want our of your way for around $19.

DOLLY (1000-pound)


If you've got a big project in the works you'll probably want a dolly handy. If you've got more than one big project in the works you'll need a flotilla. At about $12, that fleet comes cheap.

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