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One Man's Quest to Build the Perfect BMW E30 M3

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Simon Lord was an officer in the British Army stationed in Germany when he caught the E30 M3 bug. It was 2004, and Lord cancelled an order for a brand-new E46 M3 the moment he laid eyes on a Macau Blue first-gen M3. For Lord, that car changed everything.


Because while he eventually had to sell that beloved E30 (at a price that’s a mere fraction of what good examples are getting today), Lord’s M3 fanaticism only magnified over the years. And now, he’s setting out to build the car that BMW’s legendary homologation special might have evolved into if the E36 and later generations never came along.

Specs? How about a turbocharged 2.5-liter S14 engine, developed by a BMW rally specialist using data from BMW’s in-house DTM and BTCC days? Something in the 300-hp-per-ton range, with a chassis sorted by Rally Prep, an updated body, and a completely bespoke interior?


Yeah, you know you want one. And Lord will build you one—for a price. Check out our exclusive info and images over at Road & Track. If you’re not tempted to check your bank account, maybe you need to double-check your pulse.

Robert Sorokanich is the New York-based automotive news editor for both Road & Track and CAR and DRIVER. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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