Bob Lutz has an advice column in the back of Road & Track. Most months, it's full of ol' Maximum Bob telling guys to buy Cobalts and GTOs, but this month is a little different. The godfather of the modern automotive industry took some time to dole out a little advice. Here are some of the gems:

Yeah, you can get fired. And I never quite did. I mean, I admit to leaving two steps ahead of the sheriff a few times.

I always say, a background in Fifties and Sixties military aviation really helps in life. Our combat jets were so unreliable you had a hydraulic emergency or a fire-warning light every third or fourth flight. That was a time to tell yourself, "Okay, settle down. What's the procedure?" You sort of take your panic and set it off into a corner and focus on doing the right thing. If you've done that for a few years, you become very relaxed about everyday crises.

Lutz also spends a minute talking about how he high-sided one of the first CB750 Fours in Europe on a racetrack. Check it out. Or, you know, buy the magazine. There are some sweet Harbor Freight coupons in there.