Yesterday there was this thing about a car named for a horse that got a lot of press. But we also had some other stuff. For instance, the video above, which shows the lengths to which some enthusiasts will go to rescue something. And much more. Enjoy.

You can buy James Hunt's 1976 helmet.

Hodinkee's Benjamin Clymer picks his five favorite racing watches.


Thierry Godard rounds up the year in motorsports.

We kinda wish this mule is what the Jag SUV would eventually look like.


Cantle got on the phone and chatted with Danica.

We tell you what to buy along with this GMC Syclone.


The first BMW R nineT has left the building.

Five different perspectives on the Cadillac ELR.

Oh and yes, that horse-car-thing. I especially dig the convertible...


That's me, so excited that I'm tweeting about it in the background. 21 more ragtop pics here. All our 2015 Mustang content is here.

Now go play GT6 and have a great weekend.