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Simon Stålenhag's futurescapes sport classic Euro cars, dinos, mechs

Simon Stålenhag doesn’t want to paint what the future will look like; he wants to paint what the future might look like. His fantasy is that his cozy, rural Swedish upbringing and his dad’s love of classic Nordic cars collided with bizarre high-energy physics experiments that brought dinosaurs and repulsorlifts together.


What would the technician drive out to the fusion reactor in this alternate universe? Stålenhag hopes it’d be a classic Volvo 145, decked out with a robotic roof-mounted arm for repair work. Normal people, doing normal tasks with fantastical equipment. And yes, occasionally dinosaurs, mechs controlled by children, and tribal cyborgs. It’s incredible.

I spoke to Stålenhag a while back, and got a peek inside the fascinating world of his paintings, and how his parent’s fleet of classic European metal—a memorable Volvo and a series of Mercedes sedans—left a lasting impression. You can read that entire interview right here.

Want to see more? A two-volume collection of Stålenhag’s paintings, called Tales from the Loop, is now available in digital and hardcover form through this Kickstarter page. Check it out.

Images provided courtesy of Simon Stålenhag. You can visit his website to see more of his incredible art.

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