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Not all the Mustang news this week came out of New York. At the Mustang 50 celebration in Charlotte tonight, chief engineer Dave Pericak announced that when the 2015 Mustang GT arrives this fall, it'll have electronic line lock standard as part of the track apps suite.

It's not as if the car's rear tires ever stood a chance, anyway. Kudos to the Mustang team for getting this one past legal.


Making the line lock part of track apps eliminates the need for weekend racers to physically modify the car for use at the drag strip. Once the rears are warmed up, you can then switch on launch control (also part of Track Aapps) to make your run.

It's worth noting that the 2014 Ford Warranty Guide singles out racing as an activity that will void warranty coverage, and Track Apps features are already designated "for off-road use only" in the 2014 car's owner's manual.

With line lock obviously designed for drag racing (yet begging to be used for epic burnout photo ops at the earliest possible opportunity), the one thing I wonder is whether this presents a possible minefield for owners, a la the GT-R launch-control issue.

Suppose a tech scans a car that's in for dealer service and can tell that line lock was used. Is that a thing that would potentially void the warranty because the feature is designed for track/racing use to begin with?


We'll pose that question to Ford this week.

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