The 2016 Shelby GT350R hit the Nürburgring today for testing, marking the car's first appearance in the wild sans the heavy burqas. The GT350 R is to the GT350 as the Laguna Seca was to the Boss 302. We say this is the R for two reasons—the big front splitter and the massive front brakes, which we believe to be carbon-ceramic.

You can see 11 photos courtesy of our shooters at the link you above. We also have the first video of the car in action. As excellent as it looks, it sounds even better. We're told the GT350 has an all-motor, flat-plane-crank V8 pumping out 500+ hp and displacing slightly more than the 5.0 Coyote it's derived from.

This isn't a Hellcat killer. Ford has done the massive-horsepower thing with the outgoing GT500 already. That point has been proven. What this new SVT Mustang should do, however, is give the Camaro Z/28 fits.