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Imagine this: what the Golf R is to the GTI, the RD cars will be to the GTD. We're talking about the EA288 (translation: the newest TDI 4-cylinder engine) with dual twin-scroll turbos bolted on, good for around 442 lb-ft of twist, making the GTD's 280 lb-ft seem positively anemic.

At least, that's what our Volkswagen insider tells us to expect, during a little chat about how the Golf R400 might have ruffled Audi's feathers enough to start a horsepower war that will result in the RS3, previewed by the A3 Clubsport.


So, what's it all mean? The rad inline-5 might survive the EA888-pocolypse, Audi's going to make sure the RS3 will have enough juice to embarrass its R400 platform-mate, and a bunch of super-quick diesels will start rampaging through (European, most likely) cities.

Oh, here's the less great news: the RD cars will produce so much torque, no VW manual gearbox can handle it. They'll be DCT only.

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