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This Teen Brought a Chrysler 200 to Track Day. What's Your Excuse?

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Internet showoffs make it seem like you need a dedicated track car to have fun on open lapping days. They’re dead wrong—as this high schooler showed us by bringing his family’s Chrysler 200 to a track day at Mid-Ohio. And he had an absolute blast.


Our man Jack Baruth spends a lot of time at track days. That means he sees a lot of race-prepped, gutted, caged, un-streetable cars. That’s fine—and if you’ve got the money, time, skills, and space to build such a machine, more power to you.

But you don’t need anything like that. All you need is a car—any car, really—and the desire to get out there and learn the joy, terror, and skill that is driving full-out on an open race track.


Justin’s tale is a fantastic reminder that racing isn’t just for rich folks with dedicated machinery. Read Jack’s story about young Justin’s first track experience over at Road & Track. If he can do it in a family sedan, what on earth is holding you back?

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