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One of the reasons the Fox-body Mustang soldiered on so long is that Ford execs were seemingly hell-bent on ruining America's pony car. In 1985 they made a call: the 4th-gen Mustang would be front-wheel drive.

Ultimately, word got out and enthusiasts rightfully freaked.

The FWD platform jointly developed with Mazda and pegged for the new Mustang wound up underpinning the Probe, and the Fox Mustang kept on selling. That wasn't the end of the FWD idea, though. As the SN-95 Mustang was developed, some concepts were cooked up based on the Escort platform. Those went by the wayside, and we wound up with the restyled '94 car on the upgraded Fox chassis.


But the designs that got cooked up along the way are wildly diverse, ranging from a Mercedes-Benz SL clone... a kammbacked shooting brake...

Advertisement a dead ringer for the Gen IV Trans Am...


...and, um, other stuff:


Mallory McMorrow tells the design story, and offers up 30 photos' worth of evidence from the Ford Archives.

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