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Volkswagen usually brings its A-game when it comes to the Super Bowl, but last night's "Wings" spot was too much of a sausage fest for an industry in which 85% of car purchases are influenced by women.

This year, the German maker of Jettas, Passats and Beetles wanted to shift the negative perception that their cars aren't reliable. In the spot, a father excitedly points out the moment the odometer rolls over to 100,000, telling his daughter that every time a VW reaches this milestone, "...a German engineer gets his wings." (emphasis: mine)


As the ad plays out, we see that all of the engineers shown are, in fact, guys - except for the one female engineer who accidentally gets her ass slapped by the newly-erect wings of her male coworker.

Maybe instead of focusing on an amusing, cute gimmick for the Super Bowl, the Volkswagen Group should focus more on celebrating groundbreaking accomplishments it already has within its organization. And we know just the engineer for the job.

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