Ron Howard's Rush had its gala world premiere over the weekend in London. In a couple of weeks, you'll be able to see the first public U.S. screening in NYC. That means that James Hunt is about to become known to a group of people extending well beyond ardent racing fans.

The video above shows Hunt's infamous run-in with at track marshal at the 1977 Canadian Grand Prix. Obviously, you all know Hunt, but what about the poor guy he delivers the knuckle sandwich to?

Brendan McAleer writes:

The scene is Mosport. James Hunt exits his wrecked car and stumbles back toward the racetrack, wearing only one shoe. A red-capped race marshall grabs his shoulder to intercept and—pow!—Hunt socks him in the mouth.

It was a typically puzzling moment from one of motor racing's most quixotic personalities. While Hunt's randomly thrown haymaker may have amused some TV viewers, being on the receiving end of it can't have been any fun. So who was the man he punched?

His name is Ernie Strong, and all these years later, he's still confused and upset about Hunt’s behavior.


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