Patrick Bedard, golden-age automotive journalist, perhaps put it best: Those left-lane hogs puttering along in the left lane, well below the speed limit, backing up traffic for miles behind them? They’re members of “The Anti-Destination League.” And they have an uncanny love for cute-ute crossovers.

That’s our man Jack Baruth’s theory, at least. While the early ADL members drove Volvos or Camrys, today’s left-lane roadblock is most likely sauntering along in a car-based crossover of some sort. You’ve seen the type: serene, oblivious, and occasionally surprised to find themselves operating a motor vehicle at all.

There’s a reason why these folks flock to crossovers, and why they’re the scourge of any reasonable driver attempting to make reasonable headway across America’s highways. But why do these rolling roadblockers just love crossovers? Head on over to Road & Track for Jack’s sociological research on the topic.

Robert Sorokanich is the New York-based news editor for both Road & Track and CAR and DRIVER. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.