Chris Cantle's giving the Ducati Scrambler a good work over in California right now, and he sent us this little bit of joy last night. How easy is it to swap the side panels on the bike? Easier then changing the visor on your helmet. Here's what he had to say:

Five minutes into the Ducati Scrambler launch in Palm Springs and we're already stoked.

In just a couple of seconds, anyone can swap out the fuel-tank side panels on the Scrambler. A tab on the panel matches up with a bracket at the back of the tank, then two posts fasten into a pair of matching holes up front. A single screw under the name plate holds it all together.

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Customizing your motorcycle is now that simple. I spent more time this morning trying to get the fresh visor on my helmet to work right.


So far we've seen options in tartan plaid, chrome, carbon fiber and camouflage. There are more, and there will be more to come. It's the first of many things that have us unreasonably excited to get to know this new entry-level Ducati.