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You Must: Rallycross

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Chances are, your automotive bucket list is lengthy enough that it's in your best interest to live as long as possible. Well, here's another thing to add to it: Rallycross. Jack Baruth got an introduction to it with racer Brianne Corn.

Brianne Corn has run up Pikes Peak on a bike, competed in international stage rallies, and built countless Subaru rally cars from scratch. She's seated next to me as I nudge her "Frankenscooby" Impreza up to the starting line one tentative clutch slip at a time. Ahead, there's a mile of fast sweepers, off-camber hairpins, and blind switchbacks hidden in the tall brush. The car's engine is straight from a balls-out rally Impreza that Corn recently totaled during an event in Mexico. She yells a final instruction over the exhaust rumble: "Drop it at 5000 revs and just go!"


Read the whole thing, then go get your car dirty. Then find a woman who yells at you from the passenger seat to dump the clutch at 5,000 rpm. Then, well, marry her.

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